Do you get chills when you hear monks chanting in that solemn tone? Do you remember the good old days of Blood Gulch? Do you dream of hearing “running riot?” If so, then this site is for you. I have accumulated so much Halo stuff that I had to pare down my collecting focus to our favorite hero, Master Chief. My meager budget just could not sustain the onslaught of all the McFarlane Toys variants and those pricey Japanese imports. I truly believe that Halo is this generation’s Star Wars, so maybe one day my kids will be able to cash in on their old man’s craziness. (At least that’s how I justify this obsession in my mind!)

I am always interested in hearing from other collectors out there, so if you have something to add that you think other Halo collectors would like to know about, drop me a line (john117 at unscmasterchief.com).

Legal stuff

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